Special Events

Plan your dream beach wedding or other special event in Galveston.

Galveston’s Beach Parks have several types of locations that may be perfect for you.

Beachfront spaces with unobstructed water views are the most popular at Stewart Beach Park and R.A. Apffel Beach Park.  There is also available sandy beach space at Dellanera RV Park for small occasions, and a rocky shoreline water view of Galveston Bay at Seawolf Park.

To get started and check availability, please complete the Special Event Application.

A copy of this application should be emailed to events@galvestonparkboard.org at least 30 days in advance. 


R.A. Apffel Beach Park and Stewart Beach Park are available for reservation during the regular operating season, typically mid-March through mid-October. Exact dates vary each year.  Parks are not available for reservations during holiday weekends.

The open-air pavilion at R.A. Apffel Beach Park is available for rental after public hours of operation.

R.A. Apffel Beach Park may have limited availability due to our dedication to environmental stewardship and protecting local wildlife during nesting seasons.  

Reserved beachfront areas will be maintained and cleared of debris.  These areas are situated away from the busier pavilion areas. 

All fees on these public beaches cover costs of beach cleaning and maintenance, and event preparations at the beach park.  Fees do not include planner/coordinator services, equipment, chairs, canopies/tents, utilities, catering, entertainment, decorations or any other amenities.  

By City Ordinance, no alcohol is permitted at Stewart Beach Park. 

Tentative reservations have 30 days to confirm. Once a reservation is confirmed, then an agreement will be drafted for the client to sign.  Terms, requirements and guest code of conduct will be included in the agreement.  A signed agreement and payment is due no later than 30 days before the event date, or per terms on the agreement.  

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  1. Nicole Charlebois

    Parks Coordinator

Bring Your Event to The Beach!                              


R.A. Apffel Beach Park 

Event Area

Beachfront event space for beach weddings and small events. Rental rate is $250 for a 3-hour period and $75 per additional hour. Located on the west side of the park approximately 300 yards from the pavilion.  Event area is approximately 80 feet wide by 40 feet deep. 


Covered open-air pavilion deck space with picnic tables. Capacity is 150 people. Rental rate is $600 for 4 hours and $125 per additional hour. Rentals only available after public hours and must be completed no later than 11 p.m.

Stewart Beach Park 


  - Available Summer 2022 (Due to beach project, no reservations available during Spring 2022)
Beachfront space for beach weddings and small events. Rental rate is $250 for a 3-hour period and $75 per additional hour.

Dellanera RV Park
Beachfront event space for beach weddings and small events. Rental rate is $250 for a 3-hour period and $75 per additional hour. Events must be completed by 9 p.m.  On-site parking for event attendees is not available.  We recommend the event coordinator rent a Shuttle service for guests.

Seawolf Park
This secluded park provides a nicely landscaped grass event area and jetty event area with a rock backdrop overlooking the water on the bay side of the island.  It is a tranquil location for outdoor weddings and large events.  Rental rate is $250 for a 3-hour period and $75 per additional hour. 


Rentals require review for determination of needed security detail.  Any additional security that may be required will be secured by the Park Board and paid by the client.

Park Entry Fees

Clients can choose to pay park entry fees for their event guests.  If clients pay for their guests, then payment in advance is required and rates vary by park location. If clients do not pay for their event guests, then guests have the option to purchase an annual beach pass, pay the daily park entry fee or park in an available designated free parking spot.