East End Lagoon Nature Park and Preserve

A Galveston treasure, the 684-acre East End Lagoon Nature Preserve (EEL) is one of the few remaining sizable tracts of undeveloped coastal prairie and salt marsh on the island.

The area is home to a diverse collection of birds and marine mammals that thrive in the brackish waters found here. EEL is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike for fishing, crabbing, kayaking, hiking, birding, photography, and other activities. 


The vision for the East End Lagoon Nature Park and Preserve is to provide a natural experience for both residents and visitors. By utilizing both natural beauty and man-made improvements it will be possible to explore the intersection of man and nature while focusing on the ever-changing environments of a barrier island. 

For the last several years, Park Board staff has directed a community-based East End Lagoon Advisory Committee charged with seeking funding sources for improvements to the area while protecting its natural beauty. The committee has made great strides for the area. They include constructing an ADA-accessible trail loop with interpretive signage and clearing space for parking and enhanced access to the boat launch to allow for human-powered vessels like kayaks and paddleboards. 

Recently, the Park Board has been notified of a federal grant award that will allow for the construction of an open-air pavilion to serve as a visitor education center. 

Visit our Projects Page to learn more about the future of the East End Lagoon Nature Preserve!

Habitat Restoration:

While the site currently serves as critical habitat for many species, much work still needs to be done. Habitats such as coastal prairie, wetland, dunes and the lagoon will be enhanced by removing invasive species and debris, and by adding native plant materials.

Support and Donate:

The Galveston Island Nature Tourism Council has been designated by the City Council of Galveston to act as the fundraising entity for the East End Lagoon Nature Park and Preserve. The Galveston Island Nature Tourism Council works in conjunction with the Galveston Park Board of Trustees, the City of Galveston, and all other partners to facilitate the project. 

Community involvement is the key to making this vision a reality. Support the East End Lagoon Nature Park and Preserve today. Please note "East End Lagoon" in the comment box.

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Virtual and In-Person Activities:

Experience the EEL Nature Trail from anywhere on our virtual tour! On the tour you can sample videos of trail tours and the accompanying activity sheets. 

FREE Guided Nature Trail Walks 2022: 

  • September 17
  • October 15 - Nature Photography
  • November 19
  • December 17

Register for your guided walk with Galveston Island Nature Tourism Council.  

For more information about the East End Lagoon, visit EastEndLagoon.org.


The East End of Galveston Island contains a precious and increasingly rare ecology. The 684 acres are one of Galveston's largest undeveloped spaces, including one of the few remaining sizable tracts of coastal prairie. The site contains both tidal and non tidal wetlands, beach dunes, a freshwater pond, black mangroves and upland prairie, along with an extensive marine coastline.


The site serves as a refuge to a wide range of animals, including a tremendous variety of birds. The wetlands and lagoon support a variety of food sources that attract many species of birds. The site serves as a habitat for other animals such as a variety of mammals, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.

East End Lagoon Task Force

  • Kimberly Danesi - Co-Chair - Park Board of Trustees
  • Sheryl Rozier - Co-Chair - Park Board of Trustees
  • Diane Olsen - Galveston Island Nature Tourism Council (GINTC) Representative
  • Alice Anne O’Donell - Audubon Representative
  • Julie Ann Brown - Eco Tourism Representative - GINTC
  • Peter Moore - Citizen at Large
  • Kristen Vale - American Bird Conservancy Representative  
  • Anna Deichmann - Environmental Representative - GINTC