Trustee - Spencer Priest

Spencer Priest

General Manager, Double Tree Resort

Elected to the Board in 2016
Current Term Expires in 2023

Spencer is originally from Oklahoma, attending Oklahoma State University with a Business Major and was a member of the OSU Cowboy Marching Band. Shortly after college, Spencer found his way into hotel management starting at the front desk and transitioning into other operational areas before going into revenue management. Spencer worked for Davidson Hotels & Resorts both at the property level and then grew into a Regional position at the Corporate Office.

Spencer was part of a portfolio of over 50 hotels and resorts with properties coast to coast and in Kauai, Hawaii. Most of the properties Spencer oversaw were in destinations such as Kaui, HI; Newport, RI; San Diego, CA; Palm Springs, CA; and Scottsdale, AZ to name a few.

Spencer Priest

After years of traveling, an opportunity presented itself to move to Galveston and work at The San Luis Resort. Galveston was the Island for an easy get away from his home base in San Antonio. He decided to take a chance and make Galveston his home.   

Living and working in Galveston, Spencer wanted to do more to promote the Island he had fallen in love with. He dreamt of being on the Galveston Park Board of Trustees where his vision and the vision of the Park Board were aligned and he knew he could make a difference and help Galveston Island become a top destination in not just the State of Texas, but on a national and international level. Today, Spencer is realizing his dream and is now the General Manager at the Doubletree Resort.