Trustee - Sara Godwin

Director of Retail and Spa Operations, The San Luis Resort

Appointed to the Board in 2023

Current Term expires in 2025

Sara, pronounced "Sada," was appointed to the Board in July of 2023. She learned the core values of family, community, and hard work from an early age while growing up in a small town in Ohio. Her passion for the tourism and hospitality industry began during her youth, as she shadowed her father at a local ski resort. This early exposure paved the way for a rewarding journey in the field.

Throughout her college years at Bowling Green State University, where she earned a degree in communication and social services, Sara demonstrated her leadership abilities by being a part of the president's leadership academy. She gained practical experience by working in various restaurants and theme parks, honing her skills in customer service and guest relations.

After graduating, Sara sought to expand her horizons and challenge herself by venturing to New Orleans where she met her husband, who has Texas roots six generations deep. Sara and her husband made Galveston their home in 2012, captivated by the island's charm and allure after many memorable weekend getaways.

In her current role as Director of Retail and Spa Operations at The San Luis Resort, Sara takes pride in engaging visitors and managing hospitality employees with innovative approaches. Her dedication to achieving balance in life is evident through her commitment to family, local volunteer efforts, and fostering a skilled workforce. As a certified tourism ambassador and an active member of International Spa Association, she consistently enhances the Galveston experience for residents and visitors through her involvement in local events like La Izquierda, Santa hustle, and Serve Saturdays. Sara is proud to serve the Park Board and hopes to continue the efforts to ensure Galveston is a great place to live, work, and visit for many years to come.