Beach Patrol Advisory Committee (BPAC)

The mission of the Beach Patrol Advisory Committee (BPAC) is to support the Galveston Park Board of Trustees on issues related to the safety and security of beach patrons using Galveston Island Beaches, including long-term planning, budgeting, staffing levels, funding, and safety equipment.  

The BPAC takes direction from the Board and the annual work plans authorized by the Board to develop solutions, recommendations, insight, metrics, analysis, and direction on issues related to the safety and security of people who use Galveston’s beaches.  BPAC’s meetings, recommendations and reports are open to the public, with all written recommendations and findings sent to the Board chairman for consideration by the Board.

Meetings and Agendas

BPAC Meetings are scheduled to begin March 2024. These meetings will typically be held the second Thursday of the month.

Yellow and red lifeguard tower number 1 sits on the beach with a sunset in the background.