Where can I find more information on the Stewart Beach project?

At the March 27, 2018 Park Board of Trustees meeting, a concept report and drawings for a new pavilion at Stewart Beach were presented by Rogers Partners as their final deliverable from work that began in June 2017. Their presentation provided for the style of the building, potential materials and the overall functional aspects of the program; including park operations, beach patrol operations, meeting and gathering areas and potential revenue generating areas to offset the operations and maintenance of the facility.

The Trustees unanimously moved to approve the concept report and drawings as they relate to the style, materials and programming for a new pavilion at Stewart Beach. This endorsement has allowed staff to continue moving forward with an operations, maintenance and revenue assessment in comparison to an initial construction cost estimate.

Currently, staff has been tasked with finding and assessing funding sources for the Stewart Beach Pavilion and the Drainage Assessment recommendations in the current fiscal year and is gathering public input. For more information on this project, please follow the link below.

Stewart Beach Project

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3. Where can I find more information on the Stewart Beach project?